Breast Augmentation

Every woman desire is to be comfortable with her body, to feel beautiful and attractive. A beautiful and balanced body definitely depends on the breast, symbol of femininity. When the breasts are not in proportion to the other forms, a woman may feel dissatisfaction in looking in the mirror and insecurity in being with others.

How to have more pronounced, feminine and charming forms? The woman can rely on the breast enlargement surgery that allows to increase the volume and shape of the breast. In this way the breast acquires the right size and it can bring harmony to the entire body.

The procedure

During the first visit Icarefully examine the breasts in order to understand their current position, size and proportion. In this way I can find a customized solution in relation also to my patient's wishes and achievable results. I try to give the breast a natural and well-defined shape, a breast that "fits" well and that, like a dress, is consistent with the woman's personality.

I only use high quality silicone implants. After engraving, I place the implant creating a pocket above or below the pectoralis muscle. Once the incision is closed, I apply a drainage for few hours.

The surgery, which i perform general anesthesia, takes one hour and it can be done as a day case. Upon awakening, it is normal for a light swelling to appear and vanish in a few days. After about seven days, I meet my patient again in order to evaluate the healing process and to remove the small stitches excluding the ones that will vanish naturally. For the following month I recommend to wear a sports bra that supports the breasts without excessive pressure.

Rest is very important, for the first fifteen days it is necessary to limit physical activity and avoid driving. The patient will fully return normal after about six weeks. The result? The woman can appreciate her new forms, a breast that makes her body beautiful, attractive and seductive in harmony with the rest of it.


Before and After

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Before and After


Frequently asked questions

Doubts or questions? It's only natural to have any! Below I try to answer the most frequent ones. For further clarification you can write to me at any time, I will answer as soon as possible.
01. Do you have to be fasting to support the operation?
Yes, since it is general anaesthesia, you should not eat or drink for about six hours before the operation.
02. Is it necessary to stop smoking before the operation?
Yes. In order to promote rapid recovery and reduce the risk of infection, smokers should refrain from smoking, starting at least two weeks before the operation.
03. Is it not recommended to take medication before treatment?
It is not recommended, but there is a possibility that it is necessary to stop taking them.
04. Which areas of the breast are affected by scars?
To insert the prosthesis I can make an inframammary incision (in the cleavage under the breast), in the area just below the areola or right under the armpit.

My approach

In my many years of experience, and thanks to the patients I have met, I have developed an approach which I use for each surgery.

The first appointment

It is the basis of my aesthetic renewal process, in which I like to establish a direct relationship with my patient.

The Surgery

I operate with my patient's wishes and achievable results in mind to ensure an excellent result and a swift post-operative course.

After the surgery

I will see every patient personally in their follow ups, monitoring the patient until his complete recovery. Every one of my patient will have contact with 24 hrs for any advice and I give a life time care.
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