Dr. Massimiliano Marcellino

Plastic surgeon passionate about my work

I'm a doctor specialized MD, FRCS in plastic surgery, I love my job and I'm always looking for beauty. My goal is the psycho-physical wellness of my patients, I listen to desires and I accompany them throughout their journey: from the first meeting to the complete recovery.


Exalting the details of a woman's body

Being comfortable with yourself, loving your body is every woman's desire. Plastic surgery, like an artist in a sculptural work, models lines and shapes, always in search of balance and beauty.
Enhancing the breast, the symbol par excellence of femininity.
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The face is the mirror of our emotions, it must be cared for, made unique and beautiful.
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A body is beautiful when its parts combine balance, symmetry and harmony.
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The best choices for my patients wellness

Passionate about my work, I accompany my patients in their path of aesthetic renewal and research of psycho-physical wellness. My long experience is also made of sharing knowledge, studying and continuous updating on the progress of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.
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10.250 +
Surgeries carried out
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Scientific publications


Wellness is harmony between
body and mind

To like yourself and see one's body as a reflection of one's inner self, are the source of the psychophysical wellness of each one of us.

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