To help you to understand a little more about this treatment, we’ve gone into a little more detail here. If you do have any specific questions however, feel free to get in touch with the clinic - we’re more than happy to help.

Nanofat is a liquidised and filtered fat that we take from a specific area of your body. This fat is then processed in a closed sterile environment, and the liquid that remains has a high concentration of stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells which can develop into different cell types in the body during early life and growth. This makes stem cells key in the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Research has shown that there have been extraordinary improvements in skin quality after nanofat injections (after a 6 month period), and as a result, nanofat injections have started to gain a place within the cosmetic market, particularly in the rejuvenation of skin on the face and hands.

The procedure

In order to carry out this procedure, we first need to take a fat graft from an area of your body, usually, this will be from your stomach or thighs. We will then wash this fat with saline and filter it so that the fat is ready to be injected back into the body, in the areas that require rejuvenation. We’ll work with you to establish which areas of your body have areas of thin skin that need treating as a priority.

• Utilises your own body’s material and cells, so no concerns about foreign bodies entering your body
• Little to no scarring at the site where fat is taken, and no scars from where the injection is done
• Little to no downtime
• Minimally invasive, meaning that discomfort is also lessened
• Low risk of side effects and complications

Before and After

viso micro-grassi
mano micro-grassi

Frequently asked questions

Doubts or questions? It's only natural to have any! Below I try to answer the most frequent ones. For further clarification you can write to me at any time, I will answer as soon as possible.
01. Are there any contraindications using dermal fillers?
There may be some, but exclusively due to possible allergic reactions or the presence of autoimmune diseases. I ensure they are absent during the first visit.
02. What material are they made of?
The jaluronic acid I inject under the skin is from only the best manifacturers
03. Does this treatment last forever?
To keep the effect that the dermal fillers have on the face constant, it is good to repeat the treatment over time usually 6 to 12 months
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