The breast is the symbol par excellence of femininity. With advancing age, after breastfeeding or after weight loss, the breast tends to lose tone and consequently its original shape. All this is reflected on the entire female body: having a flabby, not very toned breast means having a body that is not harmonious, less beautiful and causes malaise.

But there is a remedy for all this: mastopexy, the procedure that corrects saggy breast and shape defects. But what does mastopexy actually do? It lifts and reshape the breasts, making them firm as they used to be. The final result? Upper Breast with more projection. With a balanced breast it is the whole body that benefits, a beautiful and attractive body, for a happier and more confident woman.

The procedure

During the first visit, I always make sure of my patient’s state of health, I assess risks and achievable results and answer any clarifying questions. Depending on the size of the breast and the defect, I will advice the best procedure.There are mainly 3 techniques: the periareolar (scars around areola only), the vertical scar only and the T scar technique.

After the incision and removal or remodeling of excess skin, I reposition the breast tissue, areola and nipple higher up. In this way both breasts will be raised and in a more natural position. Mastopexy can be performed in conjunction with other breast procedures: additive mastoplasty and reductive mastoplasty.

The surgery, performed under general anesthesia, takes about two or three hours and it requires hospitalization for one night. During the recovery it is essential to use a sports bra to ensure the right support for the breast. For a week it is absolutely not recommended to drive and it is good not to practice any physical activity for about a month . However, two weeks after the surgery you can come back to work.

A week after surgery I remove the bandages in order to check the healing of the wounds. I meet the patient again in week two, week six and after twelve months to make sure she is fully recovered.

Scars are not usually not a problem even if are longer the a breast enlargement surgery. Located on the fold under the breast, around the areola and down from the areola to the fold like an anchor, they will be very small and, over time, practically invisible. The breasts will again be toned and beautiful to look at because they are in balance with the other lines of the body.





Frequently asked questions

Doubts or questions? It's only natural to have any! Below I try to answer the most frequent ones. For further clarification you can write to me at any time, I will answer as soon as possible.
01. Do you have to be fasting to support the operation?
Yes, since it is general anaesthesia, you should not eat or drink for about six hours before the operation.
02. Is it necessary to stop smoking before the operation?
Yes. In order to promote rapid recovery and reduce the risk of infection, smokers should refrain from smoking, starting at least two weeks before the operation.
03. Is it not recommended to take medication before treatment?
It is not recommended, but there is a possibility that it is necessary to stop taking them. From two weeks before surgery and after consulting with your doctor, the use of aspirin or anticoagulants should be stopped.
04. What mastopexy techniques are there?
There are three possible mastopexy techniques. I can proceed, in fact, with an anchor-shaped incision on the lower part of the breast, with a vertical incision from under the nipple to the fold, where the breast meets the chest, or with a circular incision around the areola.
05. What are the causes of breast defects?
The breast loses its firmness due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. The internal ligaments that keep the breast suspended loosen making the breast look empty and sagging.
06. Is the operation painful?
At the moment the patient wakes up, he/she may feel pain, for which I always prescribe a painkiller. Furthermore, it is very important to wear a sports bra on the day of the operation.

My Approach

In my many years of experience, and thanks to the patients I have met, I have developed an approach which I use for each surgery

The first appointment

It is the basis of my aesthetic renewal process, in which I like to establish a direct relationship with my patient.

The surgery

I operate with my patient's wishes and achievable results in mind to ensure an excellent result and a swift post-operative course.

After the surgery

I will see every patient personally in their follow ups, monitoring the patient until his complete recovery. Every one of my patient will have contact with 24 hrs for any advice and I give a life time care.
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