From Consultation to Operation

Dr. Massimiliano Marcellino is a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who believes the doctor-patient relationship is of paramount importance. At the first consultation he will take the time to carefully consider and understand your needs and provide you with all the answers you need to make an informed decision.

You will be guided and supported through every stage of your treatment from the initial visit through to your operation and aftercare.  Dr. Marcellino’s priority is to ensure your comfort, safety and satisfaction.


The first consultation

In your first session, Dr. Marcellino will explain everything you need to know about your procedure in detail, so you can make a fully informed decision.

Dr. Marcellino’s aim is to make you, the patient, happy. Through a series of consultations he’ll get to know and understand you, building the open and honest relationship he sees as a key component of successful treatment. 

He’ll talk through the techniques he’ll use, how long the procedure will take, how long you’ll need to recover as well as highlight any potential risks or complications you need to be aware of.

At this point, he’ll also conduct a health questionnaire and carry out any blood tests, X-rays and cardiological exams which may be relevant, as well as discussing the use or otherwise of anaesthesia. He will then take some photographs, which are an important diagnostic instrument for plastic surgery.

After your procedure further photos will be taken and stored in your confidential personal file as clinical documentation.

The operation day

On the day of your surgery there’s some final preparation to be done. Dr. Marcellino will visit you for the last time before the procedure.

On the day of your operation some quick, routine tests will be performed, such as obtaining blood tests and checking your blood pressure.

After taking a shower in your private room with disinfectant soap and removing any jewellery and other objects from your body, you’ll be offered a pharmaceutical to help you relax.

Dr. Marcellino will visit you in your room prior to your surgery, marking your body or face in the appropriate place with a pen in preparation for the procedure, also affording you the opportunity to ask any last minute questions you might have.

A final consent form will also need to be signed at this point. Where general anaesthetic is used, a nurse will do everything possible to make you feel at ease when you wake up from your operation. Soon afterwards, the surgeon and anaesthetist will visit you and you’ll be able to get up.

The day after surgery, the surgeon will see you again to check on how you’re doing, before sending you home and giving you some things to do to aid your recovery. These might include exercises, special aides, or advice on rest, depending on your treatment.


The kind of anaesthesia you will need depends on the procedure, whilst non-invasive treatments don’t require any at all.

Dr. Marcellino will highlight options where they might be available. The kind of anaesthesia you will need will depend upon the procedure or procedures being performed.

Non-invasive treatments such as Botox can comfortably be carried out without the need for any pain relief. Less invasive procedures like lipoplasty can be performed with local anaesthetic.

More significant treatments like breast augmentation will require general anaesthetic. Dr. Marcellino will advise you on which applies to your treatment at your initial consultation.

Post operatory

We’ll make you as comfortable as we possibly can during post operatory phase. Your stay in the clinic may vary from just a few hours to overnight.

Dr. Marcellino will tell you what’s required at your initial consultation so you can plan accordingly. Your stay in the clinic may vary from just a few hours to an overnight stay.

Dr. Marcellino will advise on this at your consultation. As with any surgery, you may feel enervated afterwards, but this is only temporary. The recovery period following your operation varies from days to weeks depending on the procedure being performed.

Throughout this time we’ll stay in close contact and a team of doctors will always be available to visit you should the need arise. Should you require it, we can also arrange for a nurse to assist you upon your return home. Once you’ve had time to recover, we’ll make a series of appointments with you to come in to the clinic to assess the results and ensure your recovery is complete.


Dr Marcellino ensures any scarring is in as discrete a place as possible, as well as keeping scars to an absolute a minimum.

As with all surgery, there will inevitably be some scarring, the extent of which will vary according to the procedure or procedures being performed.

However, these scars will become less noticeable over time, and, in many cases, fade to become barely visible white lines. Mr Marcellino makes every effort to ensure any scarring is kept to the minimum amount and is situated in the least prominent positions possible.